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Here is a video which was submitted to TF site using the upload feature by Mr. Dipankar Sengupata. This is user submitted content which SiteAdmin is posting here. It is about the life, trial, tribulation of displaced Reang (Bru) people in Tripura.

TF member traced hacker of Minister Chaudhury's e-mail account

SiteAdmin is glad to share this ...

As you are aware from News Media and Tripura Foundation emails that Mr. Jiten Chaudhury's email was hacked. As Mr. Chaudhury is an Honorary member of Tripura Foundation(TF) (TF is a platform for Tripurites all over the world) ... Mr. Chaudhury casually informed TF about email hacking from Delhi. Mr. Saumen Sarkar, Network Communications Engineer based in USA, who is also very active in TF's activities, communicated with Mr. Chaudhury and his email recipient friends and tracked the Hacker. Its been reported to Mr. Chaudhury and authorities to take further action.

Note on comments on this blog post : Even after a total of 41 comments were posted the discussion was not going anywhere. The commenters who wrote of Chittagong connection of the hacker did not provide specific data or explain to show how the Nigerian IP was traced to the Bangladesh IP. To save everybody's bandwidth and time SiteAdmin is turning off commenting on this post. If any new post is made on this matter, commenting can be resumed there. However, SideAdmin is requesting all future commenters to stick to specifics and avoid providing details not relevant to the actual topic. Thanks.

Opportunities in Microsoft India

There are opportunities in Microsoft India for people with 18-30 months of experience in .NET tools/Database skills for SQL Server/SQL reporting. The candidate should have 18-30 months of experience. For details see the Noticeboard.

Disclaimer : This lead is shared by Mr. Siddartha Ghosh. (Thanks Siddartha!) It is being posted in TTF site for the purpose of general sharing only. TTF is not associated with any recruiter or recruiting company.

L V Prasad Eye Institute

Dr. Pradosh Chakraborti, has contributed a nice write-up about this facility. We put it in the 'Hospital Info.' page under the 'Useful Resources' section. Here is the direct link to that.

Thank you Dr. Chakraborti.

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Added tutorial pages to-day

Thought that it should be made easy for a willing contributor to post blogs and articles in TTF site. So wrote these tutorials to-day. They are available here Also on the Navigate section, LHS of the screen.

Note that privileges to create content like blog post or article are not available to all users by default. If you are interested in blogging or posting articles please contact us.


Hello readers/visitors

This is my first blog post as SiteAdmin of the TTF site. With help of this blog I'll update you the readers, about what goes on with this site. Would love to hear about what you think of this site too, specially about the things where you think we could or can do better.

Looking forward to hear your suggestions, feedback, particularly the criticism you have. Please post comments.

Happy interacting!