Prantik - a story of a few silent heroes

If I were to tell you there are a few silent heroes working in a village called Athaish Card Colony in Amtali area many people would not recognize the place at all. If I were to tell people that these champions of a cause run an orphanage called ‘Prantik’ barely 75 yards from Rose Valley Park most people would recognize the place. I was fortunate to visit the orphanage on last Sunday, 3rd October with two of my younger friends, journalist Manas and professor Nishikant. While Manas tried to drive his vehicle in a breakneck speed I tried to engage him in a conversation and control his speed. The only mark that a few mud-walled huts were our target orphanage was a small signboard declaring the place as ‘Prantik’, registration number 5555 of 2008. The sign board was donated by a business group who pronounces its e-mail address very visibly on the flex signboard proudly. Oh, so much so for quiet social service by business houses, I thought.