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Typical : "87% professionals can't name all northeast India states"

Typical about a professional from 'mainland India' !

"An overwhelming 87% professionals can't name all the states of North East India, a survey of 458 people from sectors like the media, communication, advertising, public relations, human resources, finance and marketing -- whose media consumption is considerably higher than an average Indian -- has revealed."

Related video is from CNN-IBN. (If video does
not play from CNN-IBN's site please click here).

Key highlights:
1. 52% have a highly negative perception about North East India
2. 76% have no idea about any peace talks going on between govt and any militant group of NE
3. 91% have no knowledge about Northeast Industrial Policy ....

"How Tripura overcame insurgency"

This article appeared in The Hindu, Sep 19. Even though insurgency is greatly reduced in Tripura, it still remains along with Terrorist camps in Bangladesh. However in this op-ed the author made some good points.

This State demonstrated that insurgency was not an insurmountable phenomenon. What were needed to tackle it were a well-crafted, multidimensional strategy and a positive mindset.

Floriculture brings prosperity to village of Laxmibil

Quoted from a news report in The Hindu ...

A poverty-stricken Tripura village has blossomed into an exporter of flowers after the villagers adopted floriculture with the assistance from Horticulture Department and Technology Mission.
Three years ago, Laxmibil village, in west Tripura district was like any other, wallowing in poverty and absence of gainful work till the the Horticulture Department and Technology Mission stepped in and motivated people to start floriculture.
As it stands, the village now not only supplies flowers to the home market, but also exports them abroad.

Dipa Karmakar - lone athlete representing Tripura at CWG

Dipa Karmakar is the only athlete who is representing Tripura on the Commonwealth games 2010. She hails from Ujan Abhaynagar in Agartala and a student of class XII at Abhaynagar Najrul Memorial School. The eighteen year old is currently ranked 30th in vaulting table in the world. She is probably the best gymnast in the country.

Dipa is competing for an individual medal on Oct 5 at the games.

Good luck Dipa, wishing you the best !

The making of Sachin Karta

SD Burman
Here is an interesting article on music maestro Sachin Dev Burman which I came across recently. Pasting ...

"In the late twenties, His Master's Voice, popularly known as HMV, the most powerful recording company of the time roped in Kazi Nazrul Islam as a trainer under Ustad Zamiruddin Khan, the Chief Trainer. On the other hand, HMV rejected Sachin Dev Burman on the ground that his voice had a nasal twang! Kundanlal Saigal also had the same fate. Undeterred, 'Sachin Korta', as he was then known, continued his struggle from his one room apartment at Palit Street, Calcutta.

Green leafy vegetables cut diabetes risk

This study reported by Reuters UK says “Green leafy vegetables cut diabetes risk” (not hearing first time though!) and carries a picture of a farmer working in a cabbage field on the outskirts of Agartala.

For more information please click here.

35 years ago : former civil servant remembers clamping of emergency in Tripura

Came across this interesting stuff in rediff. Pasting ...

"B S Raghavan was the chief secretary of Tripura when Indira Gandhi clamped a state of Emergency on June 25-26, 1975. On an official trip in far-away Khowai that day, the former civil servant looks back on the initial days of what was the beginning of 19 dark months in Indian democracy.

On the Wednesday glumly described as 'black,' I was on an official tour in far-away Khowai. (Now, where on Earth is this is your question: And you would be a good Indian too when you ask this. Khowai is in Tripura state which is itself back of the beyond to most Indians. Many an otherwise enlightened friends of mine had a notion that Tripura, a state in its own right at full liberty to mismanage its own affairs under the Indian Union, was variously the capital of Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram or whatever came uppermost to his mind!)

NDTV coverage on Rudrasagar boat race

Shishu Bihar HS candidates get 24 marks en masse !!

Co-incidence or negligence? This year many HS examinees, from Shishu Bihar got 24 marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology (theory part). Twenty Eight students got 24 in physics, Thirty One students got 24 in chemistry, Twenty Six students got 24 in Biology. Naturally there is a subset of students who got 24 in all the three subjects. This statistics is skewed and surely raises suspicion whether papers were checked properly or data was entered correctly in the computer or data was processed correctly in the computer.

UK Academy boy creates history

Debajyoti Nandi, a student from Umakanta Academy, has ranked 328th in IIT-JEE and 4th in WBJEE. This is the best performance ever by any student from Tripura. Debajyoti lost his father when he was three. Since then his family went through many challenges but always provided him great support. To me it is a success of teamwork of Debajyoti, his caring family and teachers of UK Academy. What a feat!