Frequently Asked Questions - 5. FAQ : Other Questions

Questions not covered in other FAQ sections

A common characteristic across all effective organizations is that they reward bad news, or we can say negative feedback. At TF we're always listening, we're open to criticism. That feedback is of utmost importance to us. Because that is how we'd know about our weakness, problems, area of work where we need to improve. If you have such valuable feedback to provide please contact us or send e-mail to

At every blog post/article you can leave a comment. Please leave a comment there. The author's e-mail may be published there at the post. In that case you can directly e-mail the author. If the author's e-mail is not there at the post and you don't want to leave a comment please contact us or send e-mail to We'll pass your message to the author.

I did not like or I'm critical about that blog post/article/story posted on the website. How do I let my view known to the author?

About contacting the author please read the answer of the previous question. You are welcome to provide your feedback to the author. Just note that the views/opinions expressed on this website represent those of the individual author/blogger and unless clearly labeled as such, do not represent the opinions or policies of The Tripura Foundation. No claims are made or responsibilities assumed for the contents of such posted content or linked website/image. Unless otherwise noted, copyright© of any such post/article belongs to the individual author.

Please contact us or send e-mail to We'll be happy to answer to your question and add to this FAQ, if appropriate.