Frequently Asked Questions - 2. FAQ : Acitivities of TF

Questions about activities of TF

TF-ians get involved with many kinds of activities. It may be helping an orphanage, fund raising for a student, answering career related questions, conducting a seminar, enhancing functionality of the website, posting/blogging interesting stuff, sharing/posting information on career or other kind of opportunities, sponsoring scholarships to name some of them.

1. He/she can directly apply on line at
Later he would be required to provide a signed paper copy but the on-line application will make it a faster process.

2. He/she can download the application form which is a fill-able pdf by visiting
2a) Then the student can fill the pdf and e-mail it
2b) print the pdf, fill and sign it then can and e-mail.

For 1 or 2a he would be required to provide a signed paper copy later but the on-line application will make it a faster process.

What's the point of keeping a web based application process? I don't expect students needing such financial assistance will have access to the internet.

It is true that the students who are the target audience here, most probably will not have access to internet, let alone being conversant with e-mail, scanning etc. But if you are reading it at this site, then most probably you can handle all that. May be you can help such a student you know to finish the application process. Or better you can become a TF-ian and volunteer to help with such cases

A sponsor of a scholarship will contact TF expressing his intention. It is expected that he/she

1. Would pledge to support a student financially.
2. Would name the scholarship.
3. Will define the amount/frequency of payment.
4. Preferably will take part in the process of selecting the candidate.
5. Will be responsible for making the payment to the student (may or may not use TF's bank account).
6. Preferably will mentor the student. If the sponsor is not in a postion to do the mentoring then TF'll help to allocate a mentor for the recipient.

We work together as a team in TF. If you want to choose the recipient for the scholarship you are sponsoring TF'll respect your decision unless it violates any policy of TF. But the relevant process which consist of, but is not limited to collecting/verifying/approving the application has to be followed.

Certainly. Other TF volunteers can help you in collecting/verifying/approving the application and choosing the candidate. All you'll have to do is communicate.

Certainly. You can volunteer to contribute if we plan/execute any fund raising for a student or for a charitable cause.

Become a TF-ian. So you'll be a part of TFGG or Tripura Foundation Google Group, the on-line discussion forum. You'll be in touch with all idea exchanges, discussions, planning, execution of TF initiatives. In the TF site engage in information sharing, healthy debates, question and answer sessions.

You are welcome and encouraged to write blogs/(original) articles for TF. The TF community in inclusive and welcomes such participation. So if you are interested please send a few samples. If that meets the TF standard we'll post it in the site. Register as an user. We'll give you the necessary privilege to post blogs and articles on your own.

You can do that if you already made a few posts at the TF site and plan to continue that activity consistently. Contact the admin stating your intention. He'll set it up for you.

Yes, we're looking for leads on opportunities so that it can be shared with those who can benefit from it. Contact us us/E-mail us to let us know about it. If you have privileges to post in the TF site you can post on your own. Make sure that you are not violating privacy rules of any organization.

I'm not comfortable blogging or posting at the TF site but I've an interesting or useful fact/website/video/picture to share. Can I still submit it to the site?

Yes. Make sure first that you do not violate any copyright issue. Then upload them here at We'll be happy to publish those in our site! This way you can make only one upload at a time. If you have many items to upload the please contact admin for FTP access.

Generally we try to reply a query within 24-48 hours. However, we're dependent on volunteers and it may sometimes unintentionally happen that we miss to answer a query or become late. If that happens please contact us again or send e-mail to mentioning the previous lack of communication from TF.

Let's mention a few. For the rest please browse the website.

1. Section on blogs. This contains the blog posts contributed by TF bloggers.
2. Section on articles. This contains the posts contributed by TF-ians and guests.
3. Regular column. This contains the posts by regular contributors
4. QnA section : Where we collectively tried to answer a question by a visitor who need help with some information.
5. Newsroom : Posts here are meant to share news on TF activities.
6. Case Study : This section lists a few select cases TF had worked on.
7. Scholarships : Section which contain information on TF scholarships.
8. Notice Board : Posts which contain information which might benefit visitors of TF site.
9. Resources : Contain useful information about students and healtcare and jobs etc.
10. FAQ or frequently asked questions : You are reading it!