Frequently Asked Questions - 1. FAQ : General

General questions about Tripura Foundation :

Tripura Foundation (TF) which is also known as The Tripura Foundation (TTF) is a non-profit, non-political organization. TF is a first-of-its-kind organization. In short our mission is to use tools of internet, social networking to collectively build support for progressive ideas to make a difference in Tripura.

That translates to promote educational, social and other charitable projects in Tripura as part of a humble attempt by its members to share information, their resources and experiences.

As you can see we don't do it alone. TF is a worldwide network of people who share something common : love for Tripura and willingness to help those who need it financially and/or by sharing knowledge, information. Hence it is also an online community with a purpose. The purpose is to create awareness with particular focus on Tripura which ultimately help a larger audience of students, patients or people from any walk of life.

The TF website is meant to facilitate these objectives. It is also the place where exchange of intellect, knowledge, information take place. Through this website TF members and guests share thoughts, ideas, observations, express creative self which may make somebody think, laugh, brood, plan and act.

As TF works year-round to meet such objective it does so using modern technology and management principles always focusing on being accountable, transparent, responsive, effective at the same time.

Both. We use both the abbreviations interchangeably. When we launched this website we had to settle for '' domain for availability issue. Later we got registered as 'Tripura Foundation' under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. So both the abbreviations are valid. However seems that newer abbreviation TF is gaining popularity over TTF.

Yes. 'Tripura Foundation' is registered with Registrar of Socities, Govt. of Tripura under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. Click here to view the registration certificate.

No. We don't have a physical office. We conduct our work mostly using web based tools. That helps to keep our operational cost to a bare minimum and financially we can focus on the charitable part of our operations.

You can contact us by filling the on-line contact us form. Or you can reach us by sending e-mail. Both are effective ways to reach us. However since TF is run by volunteers sometimes it may take a couple of days to provide a response. Our E-mail address is

Friend of TF, TF-ian, TF volunteer are interchangeable terms and mean the same thing. Any individual without any criminal record and who is interested in supporting the objectives of the foundation will be eligible for any category of memberships, except the honorary membership in TF. The prospective friend is expected to subscribe to the TF's mission and vision statements stated. Also the prospective TF-ian should have an understanding of the focus area of TF.

It is easy. Anybody can apply to join TF by filling the online form at We'll then send an invitation to join our Google group online forum (or TFGG aka Tripura Foundation Google Group) so that you get to know others and start making inputs and sharing your ideas

A TF friend need not be an expert in computers, internet or any other field but should be comfortable enough about communicating through e-mails and web browsing. This helps us a lot to run our operations smoothly. Because that way we don't end up spending on more expensive paper communication which is also slow and outdated. Fast, clear and honest communication is the key to-day to take smart and successful initiatives. That is why all our communications are electronic and utilize the internet heavily. Keeping that in mind we expect a TF-ian to understand that prompt e-mail communication is expected of him/her. However in extreme case we may consider a mode of paper based communication if there is no alternative.

The prospective TF-ian is expected to subscribe to the TF's mission and vision statements stated. Also the prospective TF-ian should have an understanding of the focus area of TF. Then the TF-ian should take part in TF activities. However, there is no obligation to spend a minimum amount time for TF or to contribute a minimum amount for TF. He/she can take part according to his/her comfort level and capacity.

We understand that a philanthropist may use any vehicle which suits him/her most to achieve his/her philanthropic objectives. That way you may not feel the need to join one more non-profit organization like TF. However we believe that joining TF will still be a good idea. Because that way experience and learning can be shared across organizations with similar objectives. This actually fits very well to one of TF's focus area which is to exchange idea, information, knowledge for mutual benefit and benefit of society (with a focus on Tripura) in general. If similar-objective organizations, or their constituents, contact and communicate well it will also help to prioritize their limited resources. Moreover, there is no obligation that a TF-ian has to spend a minimum amount of time for TF or to contribute a minimum amount of money to TF. At the same time TF is a social network of successful professionals spread over all over the world. So a TF-ian will benefit from interacting with diverse field of people and enrich others by sharing. In reality there can't be anything but a gain in exposure, satisfaction from doing social work, by joining TF.

Every TF-ian is valued and the last thing TF wants is exit of one. If for any reason a Tf-ian feels that TF is not his kind of organization then he is encouraged to discuss it in TFGG. One of the founding principle of TF is that TF will allways be a good listner and reach out to all its constituents. All of us do learn from mistakes. TF will try to resolve the issue within all possible limits. If the TF-ian still is not satisfied then he/she can cease to be TF-ian. However any contribution made to TF can not be returned back to the Tf-ian as in all probability it would have reached the beneficiary of TF initiative. TF raises fund mostly with aim of immediate or quick disbursement to designated beneficiary.