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Puja Parikrama

With the advent of Durga Puja, I though of sharing a small post with you. This is regarding some creative activity of Sri Samiran Dey. Samiran da is a resident of Ramkrishna Ashram Lane, Agartala. He is a Teacher of English Language by profession.

He has come up with an innovative an creative concept of creating Devi Murti with White chalk I am attaching the pics along with the post. .Its really amazing that the whole art created on Chalk took 3/4 nights to complete.


Swadesh 2

A Home Theatre, Split AC, A laptop -- or Just 2 Bulbs in your home. Which one do you think excites a human being more.

North-East - A tourism Paradise

I hope, a better tag for my Article would have been Tripura or the North-East.

Of late, I was searching to write something about our State, Many things came to my mind, but all went away. It was last week when I saw some pictures in one of my friends Orkut profile. These were Simple Tourism Pictures of Arunachal Pradesh. Believe me, in the last few days, I have visited his Album at least 20 times and each time my belief got stronger - that North-East is indeed a Tourism Paradise.

I generally prefer to depict a photo blog rather than long elaborative story. So please take a look into some of the pics.