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What About Google's New Algorithm ?

Feb 28 2011

By Shankhasubhra Ghosh

Hello Everyone! Have you heard about Google's new Search Algorithm? No? Ok no problem, Let me tell you about it...

Netaji's birthday celebration parade - 2011

Jan 24 2011
Celebrating birthday of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is a big event in Tripura. Main attraction being the parade organized by the students and teachers of Netaji Subhas Vidyaniketan.

Here are some pictures from this year's parade. Guessing that it would stir up some nostalgic feelings for ex NSV-ites and non-NSV-ites alike.

Photo courtesy : Mr. Ajitava Deb Ray

Robot aided flood transporter

Jan 19 2011

By Kalyan Bhaumik

Here is a challenge for you from DRDO, Defence research and development organization of India. Build a robot which should fit in 35 X 35 cm box. The box will be placed on a 50 X 50 cm raft. After you place the box on the raft you are not allowed to touch it. The raft will be floating on water. Also floating will be three 44 gm wooden cubes. Suppose the water is due to a flood and the cubes are flood victims. You will be remote controlling your robot and should be able to pick up and rescue to wooden blocks in five minutes.

China and India - Past 2 weeks Technology Balance Sheet

Jan 11 2011

By Saumen Sarkar

In past two weeks two very important defence related technological events took place in India and China. You can read details at these links:

Internet security and you

Oct 26 2010

By Saumen Sarkar

In today's world it is of vital importance to know how to guard your data. Your data is just as important as an asset like your other assets, such as money or house. This article, written at the request of my fellow TF-ian, is also relevant keeping in mind all the news of cyber hacking in recent media, natonal and international.

Lifting Restriction on Transit of Bamboo under Forest Act in NE States

Sep 16 2010

By Achintya Kumar Sinha, IFS (Retd.)

Availability of technology for new generation value-added products from bamboo with a thriving export market has put this tall grass in the center-stage of the imminent industrial growth in the North East (NE), home to 66% of the growing stock of bamboo in India. Economic growth based on bamboo would suit the social and cultural milieu and would be a prudent option for the ecologically fragile North East.

Rational use of Medicine

Aug 18 2010

By Dr. Kaushik Chakraborty

Rational use of Medicine requires that 'patients receive medications appropriate to their clinical needs, at doses that meet their own individual requirements, for an adequate period of time, and at the lowest cost to them and their community' (as defined by WHO).

Engineering 101

Jul 22 2010

By Sujai Karampuri

The author is founder and CEO of Sloka Telecom, a radio access network solution provider. Hope this article will help our young engineering students to focus on the right thing while at college.

When I joined B.Tech in Electronics and Communications nearly two decades ago, I was told that whatever I learn in the college will be of little use to me in my life because we will not be using any of the stuff taught in the program. I took that advice quite seriously. Instantly I convinced myself that it didn’t really matter if I did not pay any attention to the classes.

Tripura beautiful - part 2

Jul 17 2010
Here is another photo mosaic which were taken by to showcase the beauty of Tripura. This photoset is reproduced here from a Flickr album. Please click on 'Read more' to see the whole mosaic.

Photo credits : SomSubhra GanChoudhri

Prospect of rubber plantation in NE region with special reference to the state of Tripura

Jun 17 2010

By Achintya Kumar Sinha

(This paper was originally presented in a seminar-cum-workshop on ‘Saving soils and croplands’ organized by the Soil Conservation Department of Assam at Guwahati on 27th August 2007. However, the attached slideshow was presented recently to a delegation from Andhra Pradesh on rubber in Tripura with special reference to tribal rehabilitation. This provides some updates on the 2007 article.)