North-East - A tourism Paradise

I hope, a better tag for my Article would have been Tripura or the North-East.

Of late, I was searching to write something about our State, Many things came to my mind, but all went away. It was last week when I saw some pictures in one of my friends Orkut profile. These were Simple Tourism Pictures of Arunachal Pradesh. Believe me, in the last few days, I have visited his Album at least 20 times and each time my belief got stronger - that North-East is indeed a Tourism Paradise.

I generally prefer to depict a photo blog rather than long elaborative story. So please take a look into some of the pics.

How many of us would really believe that this is the scenery of a NE state. Whenever we make a plan for an outing, we plan of Shimla, Goa, Kerala, Ooty, or at least Darjeeling or Gangtok. But the scenic beauty of these places speak their own story. The altitude, greenery, Lakes, Snowfall, Buddhist Temples - what more do we want?

So start loving our region, explore the unexplored and we could really find out a Hidden Paradise

Very nice pics

Dear Dhrubajyoti,

Its very nice to see the pics of Arunachal - I like pics than the long stories.

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Awesome pics

The NE is very beautiful and most neglected. NE Tourism has huge potential but authorities always sleep and waste fundings. This has been going on since independence of India. Because of neglect, be it central, state whichever government, insurgency developed in NE. You did your your little part by blogging this post. Hope more people gets active and make the authorities to wake up and do something. An old Hindi movie (Koyla) was shot in Arunachal Pradesh. Though the movie was a trash, it depicted the beauty of Arunachal Pradesh very well.

Thanks for your post.

I had attended a fair

I had attended a fair organized by Tourism Ministry showcasing North East as tourist destination in big way. I just had random chat with few people over there. My job was relatively easy after telling them that I come from Agartala. Findings were:
- North Indians have a better idea about NE states than South Indians as a whole.
- People'd like to visit NE, but they don't easily accept to complete formalities like Inner Line Permit etc. After all, they are Indians and visiting India, why this special arrangement?
- Tourist facilities are to be improved on NE destinations along with promotional activities.
- Political unrest and insurgency are two most negative aspects debarring people from visiting NE.