Rules/Guidelines of blogging/posting in the TF site

Rule no 1. English is the preferred language in the blogs/posts. This is just for operational reasons. Posts in other languages like Bengali or Kakborok can only be made using English alphabets. It is expected from the blogger to provide translations in English if any other language is used.

Rule no 2. Posts that are spam (same post unnecessarily posted in multiple threads) may be deleted and blogger may be banned without any warning.

Rule no 3. Posts that contain offensive, provocative content will be deleted. Posts containing links to such will also be deleted and the blogger will be banned.

Rule no 4. Posts focusing on forum/Google Group members, rather than the content of their posts, are discouraged and may be deleted.

Rule no 5. Any post that is an egregious - blatantly offensive, personal attack, repetitive and sustained - attack on religion, ethnic groups of people, races etc will be deleted and the blogger will be banned.

Rule no 6. Please do not post entries in chat room or SMS style with all small letters and no punctuation. Posts with a lot of chat room style of posting will be subject to either edits or deletion (examples "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", etc).

Rule no 7. The blogger/poster can use pictures, sounds, videos in blog. If technical help is needed the blogger/poster can contact Kalyan B.

Rule no 8. In case of an issue (related to TTF site content) the decision and the judgment of the team of blog moderators is final. As of now the team of blog moderators consist of Kalyan B. Amitabha K. Saumen S. Salil S.