A visit to the Tripura Secretariat

My experience in new secretariat building is memorable - Secretariat Building of Tripura is certainly made with all latest technology and first impression made us comfortable as we had few business meetings with Govt Officials. Though I don't blog a lot but I was very happy with the glimpse of secretariat building - elevators have piped music - and a very professional look in the offices and wanted to make a post about it.

Here is a pic of Mr Chowdhury browsing our TTF site

Lot of changes took place in Tripura in past decades as it marches forward - its landscape, people, specially the young generation in sync with the rest of the country. This time I would like to specially mention meeting Mr Jiten Chowdhury, Industry Minister - a very dynamic personality, highly knowledgeable, Computer Savvy and an excellent speaker - meeting these kind of personalities in Tripura Govt makes us fellow Tripurites very proud. Also I found Govt Officials very co-operating and helpful. I am writing this to encourage people who would like to start Industries in Tripura as we have a very people friendly administration.


The Minister you met is no stereotype. He is a man of the world - smart, practical and unassuming.

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Nice to hear that.....

Nice to hear that.....