About Agri Engineering

Agricultural engineering is the discipline of engineering in agriculture, food and biological systems. Agricultural engineers develop engineering science and technology in the context of agricultural production and processing, and for the management of natural resources. They apply their engineering knowledge and skills to solve problems relating to sustainable agricultural production.

Role of Agricultural Engineers : Agricultural engineers are trained to deal with soil, water, crop and engineering principles applications to agriculture. They provide inputs for mechanization of agriculture, conservation of produce and by-products, minimization of losses, value addition and agro-processing enterprises for additional income and employment generation, energy management in agriculture and rural living. They act as knowledge binding agents between traditional agriculturist and engineers because of their knowledge in the field of farm machinery and power, dairy and food processing and agricultural structure; land and water management engineering, energy and aquaculture.

Career Opportunities for Agricultural Engineers : There is tremendous scope for qualified engineers having professional degrees in agricultural engineering. Agricultural engineers work in production, sales, management, research and development, or applied science in agriculture. A large number of agricultural engineers work in academia or for research and developmental activities in private and government agencies such as Central and State Agricultural Universities (SAUs), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Council of Agricultural Research in various states at different capacities.

Opportunities with UG Degree : Agricultural engineers with UG degree have job opportunities in private and government sectors. Private sectors include tractor industries for sales, R&D and management; Irrigation equipment companies for sales, R&D and maintenance; Dairy and Food industries' for quality control, R&D, and maintenance of processing machineries; Computer applications for software development; Instrumentation for automation and control; Consultants to many organizations; Agri-clinic, agribusiness; and NGOs.

The Government sectors include field executives and engineers, training assistants and organizers in areas of mechanization of agriculture, irrigation, drainage, soil and water conservation engineering, command area development, watershed management, rural development; and also in SAUs, ICAR, Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs), Universities, Colleges and other organizations for teaching, research & development, extensions and other scientific and technical jobs. Nationalized banks also recruit Agricultural Engineers for agriculture officers and managerial level posts.

Opportunities with PG Degree : Post Graduate agricultural engineers specialized in different disciplines have job opportunities in both private and government sectors. Private sectors include Tractor Industries Irrigation Equipment Companies; Dairy and Food Industries; Computers; Instrumentation; Agri-clinic and Agribusiness.

In private sectors they work as subject specialists for R&D, management and consultants to many other organizations including NGOs.

The job opportunities in government sectors include teaching, research & development, and extension activities as Scientists, Assistant Professors, Training Organizers, Research Officers, Subject Matter Specialists (SMS), Engineers, in universities, SAUs, KVKs, ICAR, and other organization such as DRDO, BARC etc; and also as executives aid managers in areas of mechanization of agriculture, irrigation, drainage, soil and water conservation engineering, watershed management. Command area, and rural development.

Opportunities with PhD. Degree : Agriculture engineers with doctorate degree are have job opportunities in teaching, research & development, and extension activities as Scientists, Assistant Professors, Research Officers, SMS, and Engineers at senior levels in various Universities, SAUs, KVKs, ICAR, and other organization involved in high-level research, development, extension, consultancies, planning, and policy framing activities.

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Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University

Estd. 1964 (State

Rajendranagar, Hyderabad
500030 (A.P.)

Ph: 0140-240151651-63,

23351151, 24015011-17,

Fax: 040-24015031 / 24018653, Email: angrau@ap.nic.in /


Website: www.angrau.net
BSc (Agri), BSc (Horti),

BTech (Agril Engg.), MSc (AG),

MSc (Horticulutre), MABM, BVSc & AH, BFSc,

BTech (Dairying), MTech (Dairying),

MSc (Dairying), MVS, BHSc (Rural),

MSc (Home Sc)

Agricultural Institute ,

Estd. 1910 (Deemed University)

211007 (UP)

Ph: 0532-2684281,

Fax: 0532-2684593, 2684394,

Email: registrar@aaidu.org,

Website: www.aaidu.org

BSc (Ag & Tech), MSc Agricultural Economics,

MSc Agricultural Extension,

MSc Agronomy, MSc Bio (Chemistry, Technology),

MSc Horticulutre, MSc Microbiology,

MSc Plant Pathology, MSc Soil Science,

BTech, Agril Engg., BCA, MTech

Indian Dairy Diploma (Dairy Tech.,),

BTech in Dairy Technology,

MTech Dairy Technology, MSc Dairying,

BBA, MABM, Indian Dairy Dip (PH),

MSc, BSc (Home Science),

MSc (Food, Nutrition & Dietetics),

MSc (Human Development), MSc (Home Sc Extension Edu),

Master of Public Health Branches I (Programme Design &

Branch II (Reproductive Health),

Branch III (Training & Extension),

Branch IV (Health System Management)

Anand Agricultural University

Anand 388001 (Gujarat)

Ph: 02692-226600 /

02, 2261520,

Website: www.aau.in

Agriculture related courses

Agricultural University ,

Estd. 1969 (State

Jorhat 785013 (Assam)

Phone: 033-25879772, 03473-222666

Fax: 03473-222275

Email: vc@aau.ren.nic.in


BSc (Agriculture), MSc (Agriculture),

MSc (Sericulture), BSc (Home Sc),

MSc (Home Sc), BFSc, BVSc & AH, MVSc

Bidhan Chandra Krishi Vishwavidyalaya ,

Estd. 1974 (State

P.O. Krishi Vishwavidyalaya,

Distt Nadia, Mohanpur 741252 (W.B.)

Ph: 03473-22269-70,

Fax: 03473-222275 / 77,

Email: vcbckv@vsnl.net

BSc (Agri.) (Hons), MSc (Agri.),

Btech (Agri. Engg.), BSc (Horiculture),

CMSc (Hort),

Birsa Agricultural University ,

Estd. 1980 (State

Kanke, Ranchi
834006 (Jharkhand)

Ph: 0651-2450832,

Fax: 0651-2450850,

Email: bau@bitsmart.com,

Website: http://www.baujharkhand.org/

BSc (Agri.), MSc (Agri.),

BSc (Forestry), MSc (Forestry), BVSc & AH, MVSc

Central Agricultural University ,

Estd. 1993 (Central

Iroisemba, P.B. No. 23, Lamphelpat, Imphal 795004

Ph: 0385-2410644, 2410450,

Fax: 0385-2410414,

Email: snpuri@rediffmail.com,

Website: www.cicmanipur.nic.in

BSc (Agri.), BVSc & AH, BFSc, MSc (Agri.)

Shekhar Azad
University Of

Agriculture & Technology,

Estd. 1975 (State

208002 (UP)

Phone: +91-2534156-60 Ext-158

Fax: 91-512-2533808

Email: info@csauk.ac.in

Website: http://www.csauk.ac.in/

Btech (Agri.Engg), BSc (Agri.),

MSc (Agri.), BSc (Home Sc),

MSc (Home Sc), BVSc & AH, MVSc

Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana

Agricultural University,

Estd. 1970 (State

Hisar 125004 (Haryana)

Phone: +91 – 1662 - 237163, +91-1662-237721 to 26

Fax: 0091 01662 234952

Email: dcoag@hau.ernet.in

Website: http://www.hau.ernet.in/

BSc Agri (Hons), MSc (Agri.),

MBA, Btech (Agri. Engg.),

MSc (Animal Sc) / MBSc, MSc, BSc (Hons) (Home Sc),

MSc (Home Sc), BSH, MPEd, BVSc & AH, MVSc

Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth,

Estd. 1972 (State

Dapoli Dist., Ratnagri 415712 (Maha.),

Ph: 02358 – 282064,

Fax: 02358-282074, 284308,

Email: bskkvregistrar@indiatimes.com,

Website: www.dbskkv.org

BSc (Agri. / Hort. / Forestry),

MSc (Agri), BFSc, MFSc, BTech (Agril. Engg.)

Dr. Punjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth,

Estd. 1969 (State

College of Agricultural Engineering,

PO Krishi Nagar, Akola
444104 (Maha.)

Ph: 0724-2258200,

Fax: 0724-2258219,

Email: vc@pdkv.mah.nic.in,

Website: www.pdkv.mah.nic.in

BSc (Agri.), BSc (Hons) /

BSc (Forestry), MSc (Agri.),

BTech (Agri. Engg.),

MTech (Agriculture, Enginnering),


Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya ,

80, Krishi Nagar, Adhartal 482004,

Jabalpur 482004

Phone: (0761) 2681778(O)

Fax: 0761-2681389


Web Site: http://www.jnkvv.nic.in/

BSc (Agri.), BSc (Forestry),

MSc (Agri.), BTech (Agri. Engg.), MTech (Agri. Engg.),

BVSc & AH, MVSc & AH

Indira Gandhi Agricultural University,

Estd. 1987 (State

Krishak Nagar, Raipur
492006 (Chattisgarh),


Fax: 91-771-2442131/2302



BSc (Agr.), MSc (Agri.),

MSc, BTech, BVSc & AH, MVSc,

MTech (Agril Engg.), PhD

Keralal Agricultural University

Main Campus, Vellanikkara,

Thrissur 680654 (Kerala)

Ph: 0487-2370432, 2370086,

2370034, 2370150,

Fax: 0487-2370019, 2370150,

Email: vckau@vsnl.com, desku@vsnl.com,

Website: www.kau.edu

BSc (Ag), BSc (Dairy Sc & Tech),

MSc (Ag), BSc (Coop & Banking), MSc (Coop & Banking),

MSc (Horticulture), BSc (Forestry),

MSc (Forestry), MSc Home Sc (Food Sc & Nutr.), BTech (Ag Engg),

MTech (Ag Engg.), BFSc,


Pratap University

Agriculutre Of Technology

P.O. Box No. 171,

New Campus, Udaipur
313001 (Raj.)

Ph: 0294-2471302,

Fax: 0294-2470682,

Email: agrunud@bppl.net.in,



BSc (Ag) Hons, MSc (Ag),

PhD, BE, ME (Ag Engg.),

PhD (Agri. Engg.), BSc (Home Sc), MSc (Home Sc),

PhD, BTech DT & BTech FT Hons

Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Estd. 1969 (State University)

Distt. Ahmednagar, Rahuri 413722 (Maha.),

Ph: 02426-243216, 243208,

Fax: 02426-243302,

Email: mpkv@rediffmail.com,



BSc, MSc, BTech, MTech, BVSc & AH

Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth,

Estd. 1972 (State

Krishi Nagar, Parbhani 431402 (Maha.),

Ph: 02452-223801,

229755, Fax:

02452-223582, 229755,

Email: vc@mau.ren.nic.in,

Website: http://mkv2.mah.nic.in/

BSc (Agr.), BSc (Hort.),

MSc (Agri.), BSc (Home Sc.),

MSc (Home Sc.), BTech (Food Scs),

MTech (Food Scs), BTech (Agri. Engg.), PhD

National Dairy Research Institute,

Estd. 1989 (State

Karnal 132001 (Haryana)

Phone: 0184-2252800, 2259002

Fax: 0184-2250042

Email: regndri@gmail.com,

Website: http://karnal.nic.in/res_ndri.asp

B.Tech (Dairy Tech.),

MSc / MTech (Dairying),

University Of
Agriculture And Technology,

Estd. 1962 (State

751003 (Orissa)

Ph: 23902818 / 2392919 / 2391970 / 2392868 / 2392769 / 2392719

Fax: 91-674-2397780

Email: ouatmain@hotmail.com

Web Site: http://ouat.ac.in/

BSc (Ag.), BSc (Forestry),

MSc (Ag.), BTech (Agri Engg. & Tech.), MTech (Agri. Engg
& Tech.),

BTech, Barch, MCA, BSc (Fishery),

BSc (Home Sc.), BVSc & AH, MVSc

Rajasthan Agricultural University

Road, Beechwal,

Bikaner 334002

Ph: 0151-2250025,

Fax: 0151-2250336,

Email: reg@raubikaner.org

Web Site: http://www.raubikaner.org/

BSc (Agri.) (Hons.), MSc (Agril.),

MSc (Agri Biotech.), BSc (Home Sc.), MSc (Home Sc.),


Rajendra Agricultural University,

Estd. 1970 (State

PO Pusa, Samastipur 848125 (Bihar),

Ph: 06274-240239, 240226,

Fax: 91-06274-240266

Email: info@pusavarsity.org.in

Web Site: www.pusavarsity.org.in

BTech (Agri Engg.), MTech (Agri. Engg.),

MSc, BSc (Home Sc.), BVSc & AH, BSc / BTech,

BFSc (Fisheries), MVSc & AH

Sardarkrushingar Dantiwada Agricultural University

Sardarkrushinagar, Dantiwada Campus,

Banaskantha 385506 (Gujarat),

Ph: 278226, 278444,

Fax: 278261, 0278-278234,

Email: registrar@sgau.edu.in /


Website: http://www.sdau.edu.in/

Agriculture related courses

Vallabh Bhai
Patel University

Agriculture And Technology

Modipuram, Meerut
250110 (U.P.)

Fax: 0121-2571941

BSc (Agriculture)

Sher-E-Kashmir University Of Agricultural

Sciences And Technology Of Jammu

Railway Road,

Jammu 180012

Ph: 0191-2471745,

Fax: 0194-2473883

Email: vc_nsharma@rediffmail.com

Web Site: http://www.skuast.org/

BSc (Agri.), BVSc & AH, MSc (Agri.),


Sher-E-Kashmir University Of Agricultural Sciences

And Technology Of Kashmir

Kashmir Shalimar Campus, Srinagar
-191121, Kashmir, India

Ph: 0194-2461259,

Fax: 0194-2461271,

Email: skuast_aris@yahoo.com

Web Site:

BSc (Agri.), BVSc & AH, MSc, MVSc

Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Estd. 1971 (State University)

641003 (T.N.)

Phone: 0422-6611210

Fax: 91-422-6611410

Email: deanagri@tnau.ac.in

Web Site: http://www.tnau.ac.in/

BSc (Agil.), BSc (Hort.),

BSc (Forestry), BSc (Home Science),

BE (Agri.), BTech, MSc (Agri.),

MSc, ME (Agri.), MBM

University Of Agricultural Sciences,

Estd. 1964 (State

Gandhi Krishi Vignana Kendra Campus,

560065 (Kar.),

Ph: 080-23330153 to 62,

Fax: 080-23330277,

Email: registrar@uasblr.kar.nic.in,

Website: www.uasbng.kar.nic.in

BSc (Agri.) / BSc (Agri Marketing & Coop.),

BSc (Forestry), BSc (Horticulture),

BSc (Sericulture), BFSc,

BTech (Agril. Engg), BTech (Dairy Technology),

BVSc, MSc (Agril.), MSc (Agril Engg.),

MSc (Agril Marketing), MSc (Agril. Microbiology),

MSc (Sericulture), MSc (Hort.),

MSc (Dairy Sc.), MVSc

University Of Agricultural Sciences

Yettinagudda Campus , Dharwad
580005 (Kar.)

Ph: 0836-2448321, 2448512,


Fax: 0836-2745276, 2448349, 241949,

Email: registraruasd@rediffmail.com

Web Site: www.uasd.edu

Agriculture related courses